False Advertising: Collective http://fan.dream-pair.net/updates.php?c=0#fanupdate en-us The latest updates for Collective from False Advertising. kamioakira@gmail.com kamioakira@gmail.com FanUpdate 1.6 http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/tech/rss Sort-of new things http://fan.dream-pair.net/updates.php?id=5#fanupdate Finally implemented a contact form, which is now being used on all fanlistings' join forms as a means to contact me if there’s a problem with any fanlistings/joining/the whole collective; as the email address I use for all incoming/outgoing emails related to my fanlistings is a seperate one that I do not check often enough (aka it is more or less unmonitored) for you to get a speedy reply if there’s a problem. Obviously I do this to avoid being spammed with 9834923 new joiners a day :P

Also added a departed fanlistings section, dedicated to all fanlistings I’ve formerly owned and who they may have been adopted to.]]>
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